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MTB Peugeot Typhoon 1992

This CADBike drawing is of my second MTB, a Peugeot Typhoon 1990 bike sold in France by former cycle giant and world famous Peugeot. The frame is built with Reynolds 531 (incl stays) and its fork is a Tange CroMo unit.

The lugless frame is assembled with a direct brazing technique. A very well finished frame. It bears a dual color scheme light grey and lemon yellow with the distinctive Peugeot signature multicolored decals on the top and seat tube (not able to add those on drawing). The world famous Lion decal is stuck on the head tube, like all Peugeot bikes, any time, anywhere (just the shape of the Lion changes over time).

I have ridden this bike over 29 years, first as a MTB, fit with 26x2.1 tires, but now I have gradually enhanced it for a mixed use: Trekking and gravel. I occasionally still use it as a MTB when I go pass hunting in the Alps. When cyclo-camping, I carry it loaded with panniers + tent. Since this is a steel frame/fork, I was able to braze on fittings for a low-rider, an extra bottle cage and I also a bike stand plate. It is very sturdy, and handles very well my bike even loaded. I never had a problem with the frame but obviously I gradually replaced most of the components.

The bike came with a Shimano Deore LX groupset, of which only the FD and the rear hub remain (I have mostly replaced with Shimano Deore). The steerer is the original 1" unit from TTT, which is quite rare since the head front tube is a 34 diameter. The fork crown is therefore MTB sized, but the top part of the headset is a very rare EC 34 with a 1 inch steerer. I love being able to adjust the bar height, which Aheadset does not allow. The headset needed replacing when play started to show, after 25 years of service. I replaced the original Stronglight with an FSA The Pig (bottom part) and XLC in the top (only EC 34 for 1" steerer that I could find on the Net).

I have used the original handlebar (I still have it for MTB) for 25 years (with bull horns and Ergon ergotec handles) but due to carpal tunnel syndrome, I replaced the flat handlebar by a Ergotec AHS Sport Basic. This relatively low-cost handle bar has a 12° back sweep, much better that the few degrees of the original, plus it offers multiple alternate positions. It does so unlike most "butterfly" handlebars, without radically changing the geometry. I would have had to replace the steerer if I had chosen other models.

The rear rack is solidly mounted on brazed eyelets that came standard on the bike. I still use a stainless steel wired rack that feels and looks almost as good as new. (The picture does not reflect that). I tour on a Brooks Professional saddle which I replace by a cheap saddle in city riding mode, being afraid to have my Brooks stolen or damaged by rain. I have changed the front wheel and built it on a Shutter Precision dynamo hub and an Exal ZX 19 rim. I also replaced the Shimano crank after a failure by a Sugino with 48/38/26 chainrings. The rear mesh lost its spring capacity and had to be retired and I replaced it with a XT Shadow. The brakes were originally LX cantilevers but I rapidly changed them for Deore V-Brakes (and therefore the brake levers and shifters had to be replaced too). I haven't counted the kilometers on this bike but reckon it's nearing 20.000 in almost 30 years. They were done on mixed terrain: trails, double tracks, gravel roads and roads (incl. city riding) some of which, in the early days, ridden carrying children on a child seat and/or pulling a children's trailer.

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